Popular Clothing Brands

Fashion is an important aspect of our lives these days, with many clothing brands producing their own style of clothing to suit every person and occasion. From sportswear, to men’s wear, to evening wear, to casual clothes, there are a range of brands and types to choose from.


Adidas is one of the world’s most well known brands, with many celebrities and sporting personalities alike endorsing their products. From sport wear designed for casual training or high powered performance, from jackets to shoes, Adidas has it completely covered.

The brand have different categories of clothing for different types of people, such as performance clothing, to original outfits, to wearing adidas as a mark of style, given that their logo of three stripes is so eyecatching.
Their performance line covers many sports for both men and women, such as gold and basketball. For those who like to stay in shape but keep cutting edge, there is even a collection in the performance range designed by Stella McCartney.


Diesel are a well known brand, popular for having the style of designer clothing, but not the highest or prices. Diesel specialise in denims, making jeans of all types which fell tailored to your needs. They also design underwear, footwear, bags and jewellery.
The brand have new collections every spring, summer, fall and winter, meaning that you can constantly update your look while ensuring the highest quality and being in with the current trends. There is currently a Diesel Black Gold collection which features edgy leathers and dirty look denims and bags, which are in keeping with the brands style of being slightly rougueish.

Fruit of the Loom

Fruit of the Loom are more of a family brand of clothing, who have been manufacturing clothes for over a hundred years. This means that by now they are one of the world’s most reliable and trusted clothing brands.
Fruit of the Loom boast being involved with every step of the production of their clothes, which many other brands cannot. Fruit of the Loom do this to ensure they can oversee the quality of their clothes every step of the way, and it in turn means they have direct control over the styles, which they always ensure are up to date.

Fruit of the Loom pride themselves on their Unconditional Guarantee, whereby you can return any garment you deem to be in poor condition or unsatisfactory. The company promise you will either receive a replacement or a refund, showing how trustworthy they are.


Guess are a well known, more higher end brand, who specialise in demins, as well as other garments and accessories for both men and women. The brand is popular worldwide, and design their clothes within current trends, such as the current ‘Rock Pirates’ look, and ‘World Tribe’.


Lacoste is at the higher end of clothing brands, producing apparel for men, women, children and specifically for tennis. This theme of trendy but slightly sporty is the reason for the popularity of Lacoste Polo shirts, which many people buy for everyday use. The shirts are recognisable for their style, often bright colours, and crocodile logo.